Ad words videos in telugu

Complete Google AdWords videos Telugu

Get Google AdWords videos Telugu from Vlr Training.We provides digital marketing online and classroom training.Adwords is the online advertising platform owned and operated by Google. AdWords is also the largest and most widely used online advertising network in the world, and millions of businesses advertise online using AdWords to reach new customers and grow their business.

How to use Google Adwords?

1.Establish account goals

2.Determine Audience

3.Conduct Keyword research

4.Set Budget  & Bids

5.Structure  Account

6.write killer ads

7.Design great landing pages

8.Implement conversion Tracking

9.Grow remarketing list

10.Routine Optimization


01)Google AdWords 01   what is adwords telugu
02)Google AdWords 02   Setup adwords account
03)Google AdWords 03   Campaigns and its types   about search networks
04)Google AdWords 04   locations targeting Telugu
05)Google AdWords 05   Location options advanced Telugu
06)Google AdWords 06 Bid strategy roa ,tos,cpa Telugu
07)Google AdWords 07 Delivery method advanced Telugu
08) Google AdWords 08 Ad extensions part 01 Telugu
10) Schedule,Ad delivery,Dynamic Search Ads in telugu
11) Keyword match types Broad match
12) Keyword match types
13) Keyword research
15)adwords Keyword Planner tool
16)Keyward planning part01
17) Keyward planning part02
18)Creating ad Groups
19) about adpositions and quality score adwords
20)Improving quality score
21)Improving quality score part 02 Adwords Telugu
22) Improving quality score part 03 adwords telugu
23) Adwords DashBoard Overview and Call Extension telugu
24) About sitelink extensions AdWords
25)25 Retageting for Search ads
26)26 Missing CDATA comments
27) Conversion tracking for website
28) Call Only ads for mobile and conversion tracking
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