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VLR Training provides WorkAto online Training in Hyderabad by Industry Expert Trainers. We provide Intigration live projects to the students and also Every day workato Recorded sessions.  It’s an Intelligent Automation platform that can be used by both Business and IT

workato Automation Platform Online Training Course Details

Course Duration

45 Days


Mode of Training

Online and Classroom

Workato course content

  • Integration developer mindset
  • a) Connection
    b) Trigger
    c) Actions
  • a) Basic
    b) OAuth 2.0
    c) Header Authentication: API Key or secret
  • a) Job history
    b) Recipe settings
    i. Concurrency
    ii. Versions
    iii. Recipe listing
    iv. Description
    c) Job table
  • a) Scheduled
    b) Real-time
    c) Polled
    d) Batch
  • a) App level actions
    b) Conditional actions
    c) List actions
    d) Actions that call other flows/recipes
    e) Try/catch etc.
  • a) Simple UI
    b) Copy/Paste actions
    c) Recipe IQ
    d) Extensive data transformation capabilities
    e) Agility with Auto-Versioning
    f) Lossless pause and resume
    g) Audit log
    h) Community recipes
    i) API platform
  • a) Lists connector
    b) Variables connector
    c) CSV, JSON, XML parser
    d) Lookup tables
    e) Collections
    f) Pub-Sub models
    g) Common data models
    h) Message templates
    i) Files connector
Accordion Content

a) Salesforce automations
i. New record triggers, Ex: Customer ii. New/updated record triggers, Ex: Opportunity
iii. New record real-time trigger, Ex: Customer iv. Deleted record trigger, Ex: Customer v. New outbound message trigger
vi. New Platform Event trigger
vii. Batch triggers
b) Webhook trigger
c) Slack Workbot automations – 3
i. Workbot commands
ii. Salesforce case creation from Slack
iii. Salesforce Hot Lead Alerts
d) API-Platform
i. Postman and Cygwin importance
ii. Salesforce Account Retrieval Endpoint
iii. Salesforce Case creation Endpoint

Accordion Content
Accordion Content

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