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VLR Training provides WorkAto online Training in Hyderabad by Industry Expert Trainers. We provide Intigration live projects to the students and also Every day workato Recorded sessions.  It’s an Intelligent Automation platform that can be used by both Business and IT

workato Automation Platform Online Training Course Details

Course Duration

45 Days


Mode of Training

Online and Classroom

Workato course content

  • • What is integration and IPASS
    • What is Automation and how it works
    • Basics concepts introduction Message formats like xml, Json, SOAP, WSDL,CSV
    • What is Workato and how does it work?
  • Basic Building blocks (Triggers,Actions,Connections).
  • Recipe Introduction and how to create Recipe in Workato platform.
  • Recipe Components and Data Management
  • What is connector and how to use in workato.
  • Recipe design process and workflow management components.
  • Integration with Salesforce in workato (Accounts and Contacts ….more)
  • Integration with Googlesheet in workato
  • Integration with Jira in workato (Tracking concepts)
  • Integration with Snowflake in workato (Database Cloud Concepts)
  • Integration with MySQL in workato (Database Cloud Concepts)
  • Integration with Slack in workato (Message and Chat Concepts) …..more
  • Scheduler in workato
  • Recipe functions
  • Lookup Tables
  • Workato Variables
  • Message Templates
  • How to Create Environment Variables
  • Testing Automation Jobs
  • What is Commondatamodel and how to create Common data model in workato
  • On-prem Group Components
  • Pub/Sub concepts in workato
  • Lookup Tables in workato
  • Recipe Life Cycle Management
  • API platform in workato
  • How to use workato formulas in Recipe
  • String Formulas
  • Integer or number Formulas
  • Date or datetime Formulas
  • Array/hash (list) Formulas
  • Datafills and conditional if else scenarios.
  • How to create Logical conditions in workato
  • How to use conditional scenarios in workato
  • Test cases overview.
  • How to create TestCase and setup process
  • How to Run Test Cased in workato Recipe
  • Test case Results.
  • How to Test Recipe end to end scenarios.
  • Explain about Running jobs and dashboard activites
  • How to Start Recipe and Stop and Job reports
  • Introduction of General ErrorCodes.
  • Common Recipe Error codes
  • Error Handling in Recipe.
  • Send alerts on failed jobs to email notifications
  • Workato Enviornments
  • Collaborator Access Management
  • Deploying Assets
  • Recipe Versions
  • Exporting and importing packages.
  • Deployment Process
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Monitor Recipe Usage
  • Activity Audit Logs
  • Pro 1 Certification
  • Pro 2 Certification
  • Pro 3 Certification

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