UiPath Online and Crash course Training in Kukatpally Near JNTU Hyderabad

VLR Training provides UiPath online training and classroom training anywhere with real-time scenarios and best practice sessions. our RPA (robotic process automation) training is handled by working professionals with real-time experience. Mostly the classes will be conducted in the morning and evening timings which is very easy for you to attend at your free time. we  also provide uipath fast track  training (Uipath Crash Course) Saturday and Sundays

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Upcoming Schedules of Uipath sep 21, 7 am IST (Saturday)

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Modes Of Uipath online Training course details

Regular Uipath Online training :

  • Course Duration:60 Days
  • Mon-Fri 7:30 am (IST)
  • Mode of Training Online only
  • Real-time Trainer
  • After class, we will provide class recording for reference purpose


   Benefits of UiPath Rpa:

  • UiPath is code free.
  • Free trial for 60+ days.
  • Flexible.
  • Works in disconnected mode.
  • Many ways to trigger bot/process.
  • Centralized control center.
  • UiPath 2017.1
  • Custom activity.
  • VBA & Power shell script.
  • OCR engines.
  • Retry scope.
  • Start-Stop feature.
  • Parallel activity.
  • High-Density Robots.
  • Certification internal and external.
  • Online discussion forum.


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UiPath online training Course Content 

1.Basic Concepts. Intro to UI Automation
2.Variables. Passing Data Inside a Workflow
3.Conditions. Branching a Workflow
4.The Basics of Desktop Automation
5.Debug Workflow
6.UI Automation and Data Inputs
7.Reusing Automation. Invoke Workflow and Templates
8.Selectors – How to Identify Elements on the Screen?
9.Selectors – Complex UI Hierarchies
10.Selectors – Activities and Fine Tuning
11.Automate Web Data Entry
12.Automate Web Data Extract
13.Screen Scraping Any Desktop Application: Java, .NET, WPF, Terminals
14.Using UiPath’s Recorder

15.Automation Citrix. Data Entry. Click Relative to an Image
16.Automation Citrix. Retrieve Data Using Clipboard
17.Automation Citrix. Retrieve Using OCR
18.Automation Citrix. Click Relative to a Text
19.Automate SAP Data Entry
20.SOAP Web Services and XML
21.REST Web Services and JSON
22.User Events
23.Workflow Designer
24.Reusing Automation – Library

25.UiPath’s Recorder
26.Web Data Extraction
27.Extract HTML Tables
28.How to use screen scraping. The Basics
29.How to Automate SAP Applications
30.How to Map a project to a TFS Project
31.How to work on a Project Using TFS
32.Download File from Yahoo
33.Flash Automation
34.Import Contacts to Salesforce from CSV File
35.Web Scraping. Extract Competitor’s Price List
36.Web Scraping Structured Data. Get News
37.Automate Data Entry in a Desktop Application
38.Automate Data Extraction from Desktop Application
39.Automate Desktop Application. Calculator
40.Consuming SOAP Web Service. Get Weather
41.Consuming REST Web Service. Get Weather
42.Database to CSV Export
43.Excel Automation. Compare Columns
44.Excel Automation. Delete Duplicate Rows
45.Excel Automation.Remove Rows That Contain Keywords
46.PDF Data Extraction. Scrape PDF Text.
47.Email Automation
48.Filter Mail Messages
49.Synchronize Two Folders Using Monitor Events
50.Trigger User Events. Scrape Google Form
51.Intercept User Events
52.Compare CSV Files
53.Compare Datatables
54.Compare Rows From Different Tables
55.Working with JSON
56.Working with XML
57.Automate Citrix. Data Entry Application
58.Automate Citrix. Trigger User Events
59.Delete Empty Folders
60.Delete Internet Explorer History
61.Network Monitor
62.Synchronize Two Folders
63.PowerShell. Get Public FTP File
64.PowerShell. Read Text Files
65.Return All Elements of a Table Using Find All Children Activity
66.Scrape Java Table Using Find All Children Activity
67.Web Site Content Monitoring
68.How to Edit 7.5 projects with UiPath 8
69.How to use “Get Attribute” activity
70.How To Automate Drag And Drop
71.How to install an Activity Pack from Workflow Activity Gallery?
72.How to scrape data using Get Value Activity
73.How to Pass Data From One Workflow to Another?
74.How To Check if a File or a Folder Exists using Path Exists Activity?
75.How To Check If An Element Or Window Exists
76.How To Invoke Workflows From Another Workflow
77.How to send mouse click events and keyboard inputs to applications running inside Citrix
78.How to capture Image in Citrix that needs to be scrolled down to appear visible?
79.Does UiPath Studio Work with Published Citrix Applications?
80.Publish UiPath Studio Inside Citrix Environment
82.How to Filter a Data Table
83.How to work with a dynamic array
84.How to use Insert DataTable activity
85.Simulate Excel VLookup in a Datatable. Filter Datatable.
86.How to compare Collections
87.Outlook Automation
88.Email Automation. Mail Trigger Sample
89.How to query data from SQL database
90.How to work with a dynamic array
91.How to work with Windows Credentials
92.How to work with java cells and tables
93.How to Integrate PowerShell into UiPath Workflows
94.Email Automation. Mail Trigger Sample
95.How to Capture Mouse Event on Hover Menus?
96.Excel Integration Approaches
97.Excel triggers – Get notified when a cell is updated
98.Simulate Excel VLookup in a Datatable. Filter Datatable.
99.How to extract Column Headers in a CSV file?
100.How to read data from a CSV file?
101.License and Deployment Questions
102.How to install UiPath Plugin in Firefox?
103.How to Build your Workflows for Redistribution
104.How do I fix “Trial Version Expired” error?

105.How to Install MODI OCR?
106.Getting an Error During Registration “Failed With Error 34”
107.How to install Chrome Extension for UiPath Studio
108.Extract text with OCR
109.Scraping PDF Files using the Read PDF activity
110.How to Schedule a Process Manually
111.How to Schedule a Task
112.OCR Scraping Method: MODI vs Tesseract
113.How to avoid screen flickering when scraping
114.How to extract a block of data from an application?
115.How to Scrape Data Using the Screen Scraping Tool
116.How to scrape data using Get Value Activity
117.How to Scrape the Whole Text Including Hidden Elements from a Terminal Window?
118.Difference between basic and desktop recording
119.UI hierarchy, attributes, wildcards
120.Selectors, UiExplorer
121.How to Collect Traces
122.Internet Explorer Automation Troubleshooting
123.How to collect crash dumps
124.How to avoid screen flickering when scraping
125.How can Silverlight object be accessed on XP?
126.Starting a workflow takes longer than usual
127.Unable to Capture From Higher Integrity Level Windows Apps
128.Background Automation
129.How to do UI automation with locked screen
130.How to Capture Mouse Event on Hover Menus?
131.Start Process From .NET Application – Robot as a WCF Service
132.Logging Overview
133.UiPath Robot API – Robot as a REST Web Service
134.Start Process From Command Line
135.Publish and run a project package
136.How to execute your custom code in a workflow
137.Write/Create Custom Activities
138.How to pass value from another workflow?
139.How to use the Try Catch Activity?
140.How to Pass Data From One Workflow to Another?
141.Getting started
142.How To Invoke Workflows From Another Workflow
144.Workflow Designer
145.Data: Variables, Arguments, Expressions
146.Workflow Structure

147.UI Automation Overview
148.UI Automation Activities
149.IT Automation Activities
150.Data Integration Activities
151.Recording Wizard
152.Other Wizards
153.Selectors and Selector Editor
155.Reuse Workflows
156.Debug & Log
157.Schedule Workflow
158.Deploy Workflow & Create Application
159.Generate Code
161.Help and Support
162.How-to articles


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Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072
Name: DeepLearning Online Training
Opening hours:7 Am to 9 Pm (IST)


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