VLR Training provides Tosca online Training in Hyderabad by Industry Expert Trainers. We Tosca training with live projects to the students and also Every day. Tricentis Tosca is a software testing tool that is used to automate end-to-end testing for software applications. It is developed by Tricentis. Tricentis Tosca combines multiple aspects of software testing to test GUIs and APIs from a business perspective . more info

Tricentis Tosca Online Training Course Details

Course Duration

45 Days


Mode of Training


Tricentis Tosca course content

  • 1. Introduction to Tosca Test Suite
  • 2. Overview of Tosca
  • 3. Tosca Installation
  • 4. Create workspace
  • 5. Main components in Tosca
  • 6. Demo Web Shop Registration Process
  • 7. Overview of XScan
  • 8. Real Time Folder Structure Creation
  • 9. Close, Open, Maximize Browsers and Bring them to front
  • 10.Opening Private Browser Windows and Clear IE browser history
  • 11.Buffer Operations
  • 12.Cross Browser Testing, Tbox Set Buffer, Open URL for IE, Chrome, Edge
  • 13.Setting the Configuration Parameter and Taking Screenshots
  • 14.MATH Functions and CALC Functions
  • 15.Dynamic Date Expressions and Random Values
  • 16.Send keys Concept
  • 17.Handling Dropdowns or Combo boxes
  • 18.Table Steering
  • 19.Pixel Method or Percentile Method or Mouse Click Method
  • 20.TEXTINPUT method
  • 21.Recovery Scenarios
  • 22.Loops and Conditions
  • 23.Steering Parameters
  • 24.Configuration Parameters
  • 25.TC Shell Operations
  • 26.Reusable Test Step Blocks
  • 27.Test Mandates
  • 28.Regular Expressions
  • 29.Excel Handling
  • 30.TC String Operations
  • 31.DB Automation
  • 32.Test Case Design

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