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About Servicenow Admin training

A ServiceNow administrator is a vital cog in the IT infrastructure of any organization that utilizes the ServiceNow platform. They are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation, maintenance, and security of the platform, as well as for tailoring it to meet the specific needs of the business.

ServiceNow admins wear many hats. They are responsible for:

  • Configuring and managing ServiceNow applications
  • Creating and maintaining user accounts and permissions
  • Developing and implementing workflows and scripts
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues
  • Monitoring system performance
  • Performing backups and disaster recovery tasks
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest ServiceNow releases and features

In addition to their technical skills, ServiceNow admins must also have strong communication and problem-solving skills. They must be able to effectively collaborate with stakeholders from across the business to gather requirements, design solutions, and implement changes.

ServiceNow admins play a key role in ensuring that the ServiceNow platform is used to its full potential. They are responsible for ensuring that the platform is available, reliable, and secure. They also play a key role in helping organizations to automate and streamline their IT processes.

As the demand for ServiceNow continues to grow, the demand for skilled ServiceNow admins is also increasing. If you are interested in a career in IT service management, becoming a ServiceNow admin is a great way to get started.

In short, a ServiceNow admin is a jack-of-all-trades who is responsible for keeping the ServiceNow platform running smoothly. They are the glue that holds the platform together, and they play a vital role in ensuring that organizations get the most out of their investment in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow admin course content

All About ServiceNow Administration Concepts with Real-time Scenario Based Explanation and Implementation.

● ServiceNow Personal Developer Importance and Instance Creation
Prerequisite and Creation Of Instance from the Scratch.
● ServiceNow Background and Its Introduction into IT world
ServiceNow LearningPath, Reference documentation.
● Importance of ServiceNow Micro Certification and Mainline Certifications
● ServiceNow Architecture and Versions System and Its Customization of
● General Configuration – Customization of Instance (Basic Configuration of
UI 15 and UI 16).
● Importance of User Interface, Navigation Overview and Tool Tips.
● Who are Users in ServiceNow and Types of Users
Creation of User Profile and Explanation of User form.
Delegation of User Profile and Impersonation Importance.
● What are Groups, Roles and Their Best Practices?
Creation of Custom Roles, Sub Roles Importance.
● Creation of Custom Group and Its Validations.
● Data Storage in Tables and Its Importance
● Importance of Out of Box : Core and Base Tables
Creation of Tables with Scenarios
Explanation and Understanding of Table Schema
Difference between Out of Box and Customized Tables.
Deletion of Tables and its record, Retrieve of Tables and Records.
● Importance of Filter Conditions and List View Importance
Details Explanation of Different Types of Filter in SNOW
Logic Operator AND and OR, NLP Filters Search Results
View, Section and Pagination Count, List View Functionalities.
● Incident Module and Its Usage with Detailed Information
   Different Type Fields Explanation
Introduction to Form Design and Form Layout
Customization of Fields and Form and Its Alignment
Different Form Functionalities Explained
Assignment Rules, Lookup Assignment Rules and DataLookup Rules
Dictionary Overriding, State Field Functioning, Template Creation
Tage Creation, Related Sections and Fields Customisations.
● Problem and Change Management – Quick Glance
How and Why Problem Form Creation and Usage
Importance of Change Management.
● Process Flow Matter Creation and Its Implementation.
● Knowledge Management Importance
Knowledge Articles Creation and their maintenance.
Importance of Knowledge Base and Relevant Knowledge Roles.
● Service Level Agreements and the Types.
Three Types of SLA, OLA and Underpinning are Explained
Creation of Response and Resolution SLA, OLA and UP
Different SLA Conditions and SLA Schedules are Explained
What are RetroActive Start and RetroActive Pause are Explained.
● Data Load and Transformation Methods are Explained
Data Load and Transform Map Technicalities are explained
Transform Map Creation and Its Best Practices
Use of Coalesce option in a Transform Map.
● DataSource and Its Implementation Using Transform Map
Data Migration and Movements to Different and Remote Instances
Importance of Update sets and their creation
Movement of Updatesets between two different Instances
Nomenclature of Updatesets and its various state operations
Updatesource operation and adding the remote instance
Backout of Updates and Deletion of Updateset
What are captured and not captured in Update Sets
What Type of Errors in Update Sets??.
● Service Catalogs and Its Importance
Three Types of Catalogs are Explained: Catalog Items, Order Guides and
Record Producers.
Creation of Catalog Items, Order Guides and Record Producer.
Importance of Different Types of Variables are explained
Variable Set Creation and Its Importance.
● UI Policies Creation and Its Importance.
● Data Policies and Their Creation.
● Difference Between UI Policy and Data Policy.
● Importance of Scripting and the Types of API in ServiceNow Introduction
Client Side API and Server Side API – Usage.
● Introduction to Business Rules and Client Scripts.2
● UI Action and Their Implementation.
● WorkFlow and Its Configurations are explained.
● What are Events, Types of Notifications Creation and Trigger Conditions.
● Reports, Share and Scheduling of Report.
● Explanation of Visual Task Board with Dashboard Implementation.
● Installation of Plugs, Tricks in ServiceNow Application.
● Access Control Lists (ACL) Creation, Table Level and Row Level ACL’s
ACL Implementation and Its Importance.

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