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VLR Training provides SALESFORCE VLOCITY / OMNISTUDIO online  Training in Hyderabad by Industry Expert Trainers. We provide SALESFORCE VLOCITY / OMNISTUDIO TRAINING live projects to the students and also Every day SALESFORCE VLOCITY / OMNISTUDIO Recorded sessions.

SALESFORCE VLOCITY / OMNISTUDIO Online Training Course Details

Course Duration

45 Days



Mode of Training



last update in September 2021, there is a product called “OmniStudio,” which is related to Salesforce and Vlocity. OmniStudio is part of the Vlocity product suite and is designed to empower businesses to create and manage industry-specific applications on the Salesforce platform easily.

OmniStudio allows users, such as business analysts and administrators, to design, configure, and deploy custom applications tailored to the unique needs of various industries. With its low-code/no-code capabilities, users can build and customize applications without extensive coding knowledge, making it more accessible to a broader range of users within an organization.

SALESFORCE VLOCITY / OMNISTUDIO Online Training Course Content

 What is Omnistudio
 Salesforce with Omnistudio
 Features
 Targeted industries
 Omnistudio Architecture
 Certifications in Omnistudio
 JSON Structure
 Omnistudio Components
 Naming Conventions of Omnistudio Components

 Introduction
 Types Of DataRaptors

  • 1. Extract
  • 2. Load
  • 3. Transform
  • 4. Turbo Extract

 Formulas in Data Raptors
 Security in Data Raptors
 Best practices

 Introduction
 DataRaptor vs Integration Procedures
 Databinding in Integration Procedures
 Integration Procedures Actions
 Formulas
 Conditional Rendering
 Best Practices

 Introduction
 Fields
 Display
 Inputs
 Display records in Cards with various Data sources
 Actions in Cards
 Best Practices

 Overview
 Actions in Omniscript
 Display Components
 Functions
 Edit Block
 Inputs
 Lunching OmniScript in various ways
 Classic and LWC Omniscript
 Debugging
 Best Practices

 Overview
 Expression Sets
 Decision Matrices

 Project Orientation
 Best Practices
 Debugging
 Common Errors
 MCQ Questions after Every Topic
 Practice Exercises
 Training org For Practice
 Documentation

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