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Salesforce Online training provides by VLR Training is a new world of job creation with cloud-based technology. It’s a Customer Relationship Management with a lot of career scope. if you like coding go for it because it has a Developer Module.

If you don’t like coding go for Admin because it’s pretty easy, some of my friends are also learned and got jobs on Salesforce Admin and development. Anybody can learn and work on it if they are really interested in it.

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Salesforce lightning demo by Mohan

Salesforce lightning demo by Mohan

The main goal of Salesforce online training is to enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM). They have transformed how software is delivered and utilized. There are not much installation costs as all Salesforce products run on the cloud.VLR Training offers best Salesforce Online Training with advanced course content.

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Salesforce Online Training Course Details:


  • Course Duration:60 Days
  • Mon-Fri 7:30 am (IST)
  • Mode of Training Online only
  • Real-time Trainer
  • After class, we will provide class recording for reference purpose


Who Can Take This Salesforce Online Training?

Many people asking me this question that who can learn Salesforce CRM. Very good question actually. CRM means Customer Relationship Management, means every business should have their office place, products or services, customers, profits, loss, employees, right? This doesn’t apply only for software.


Prerequisite to learn Salesforce Online Training:

Salesforce comes with many built-in functionalities. Knowledge in a programming language is not mandatory. Basic understanding in HTML and Core Java would be helpful to learn APPEx and Visual Force.

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Cloud  Computing 

  • What is Cloud computing?
  • What is the topmost Technology in the cloud?

Features of Cloud?

  • What is CRM?
  • Why companies are using CRM?
  • What CRM brings to business?
  • Evolution of CRM
  • Business value of CRM
  • Customers benefiting from CRM
  • A view of available of CRM products from IT industry
  • Compare CRM with other CRM products
  • SFDC CRM Explanation

What is Salesforce CRM?

  • How Salesforce CRM will work in real time


Extending and Customizing Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud)

  • Salesforce object Records and how to compare Salesforce records with
  • Tables
  • Build a custom app
  • Working with custom objects
  • Learn about custom tabs
  • Working with custom fields, lookup fields & formula fields
  • How to Define dependent pick lists
  • Relationship Types-(Master, lookup)


  • Learn about junction object
  • How to Create custom profiles
  • Creating and working with custom users – Adding role & profile to the user
  • How to Customize page layouts
  • Customize standard related lists
  • Learn about record types & business processes
  • Use field-level security(FLS)
  • What are Buttons, Links and Actions of Salesforce Objects
  • Creating &sharing List views for Salesforce records
  • What is the User interface and how it is useful to clients in real time

Search Layouts Of Salesforce Objects

  • Search Results
  • Lookup Dialogs
  • Object Tab
  • Object List View
  • Search Filter Fields

Data Validation in CRM

  • Learn about Salesforce CRM data validation

Workflow in CRM

  • How to Define workflow
  • How to Set up workflow rules
  • Creating Workflow actions – Tasks, Field updates, and alerts
  • Assigning Workflow Actions to Workflow rules  Creating Email

Process Builder

  • How to define Process builder
  • How to work with process builder

Approval Process in CRM

  • What is approval processing and how we use in real time


  • How to use the approval wizard – standard vs. jump start
  • Create an approval process and setup with actions to execute the process
  • Create data validation rules
  • Data Management (Apex Data loader)
  • Importing overview
  • Working with an import wizard
  • Working with data loader –Insert, Upsert, Export, Export All, Delete,
  • Delete All Salesforce Records
  • Reports&dashboards in CRM
  • Create custom reports
  • Create Tabular, Matrix, Summery & Joined Reports
  • 1.How to use advanced filters
  • 2.How to use conditional highlighting
  • 3.How to use custom summary formulas
  • 4.How to use dashboards

Company Profile

  • What is the company information
  • How to setup language and currency at a company level
  • What is business hours and holidays
  • Working with multi-currency
  • Security in CRM
  • How to set login access to users
  • How to restrict users to login into Salesforce
  • Profile level security Restriction
  • Org-wide Security Access
  • Working with password policies

Managing Users in CRM

  • Profiles
  • Roles


  • Groups
  • Queues
  • Permission Sets
  • Sharing Settings/Rules in CRM
  • Assign users to different roles
  • How to Set organization-wide defaults(OWD)
  • Learn about record access
  • How to Create the role hierarchy
  • What are Groups & Queues and how to create these in SFDC
  • Learn about the Sharing model
  • Object-Level-Security
  • Field Accessibility
  • Record-Level-Sharing
  • Manually share records to Used, Roles, Public Groups & Queues
  • Standard Marketing Objects
  • Campaigns
  • Leads
  • Working with standard marketing objects
  • Standard Sales Objects
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Account s(Two types of Accounts)
  • Contacts
  • Working with standard Sales objects
Standard Service Objects
  • Account
  • Contact
  • Case
  • Solutions
  • Entitlements
  • Knowledge Articles


  • Working with standard Service objects
  • com Sites & Communities
  • How to create communities
  • How to work with communities
  • Sharing records using communities
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • Case Entitlement Process
  • Business Processes
  • Lead Processes
  • Sales Processes
  • Support Processes
  • Entitlement Processes
  • Solution Processes
  • Sales cloud operations in Lead& Opportunity Management
  • How many ways we can create Lead?
  • Web to Lead creation
  • Direct Lead creation
  • Converting Leads to Account, Opportunity, Contacts
  • Mapping Custom Lead fields to Account, opportunity, contact fields
  • Opportunity Teams

Sales cloud operations in Product management

  • What is Product management
  • Working with product management
  • Products
  • Quotes
  • Price Books
  • Opportunity Products(Opportunity Line items)
  • Activities – Event, Task


  • Service cloud operations in real time Salesforce
  • How to use Service cloud in real time salesforce
  • What is case management in Salesforce
  • How many ways we can create a Case?
  • Web-to-Case
  • Email-to-Case
  • What is Service Console
  • Working with Live Agent Console
  • 1.Case Creation using Live Agent Customers
  • 2.Case Assignment rules
  • 3.Case Auto Response rules
  • 4.Case Escalation rules
  • Support process
  • Case Entitlement Process
  • Monitoring your Org
  • Debug Logs
  • Email Logs
  • Login History
  • View Setup Audit Trail
  • Time-based Workflow
  • Scheduled Job
  • Outbound Messages
  • Apex Job Queue
  • Import Queue
  • Mass Email Queue
  • Case Escalation Rule Queue
  • Entitlement Process Queue  Bulk Data Load Jobs


  • Sandbox Types
  • How to deploy using Change Sets
  • How to deploy using Eclipse


  • Development Process in CRM
  • Enable Developing mode
  • OverView of Developer Console and Eclipse
  • Development using eclipse and options
  • Development using
  • Testing Apex classes and triggers using eclipse and developer console
  • MVC Architecture

Core Java – OOPS Concepts (Object Oriented Programming System)

  • What is meant by oops?
  • What are the features available in oops
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Object
  • Class
  • Super keyword, Final keyword, Static keyword, this keyword
  • Method Overloading
  • Method Overriding
  • Introduction to Apex
  • Data Types

– >Primitive

-> Non Primitive

  • Collections

-> List

-> Set

– >Map


  • Enums
  • Variables
  • SOQL – Salesforce Object Query Language

– >Group By

– >Having

– >Limit

– >Offset

– >Update Lock

– >Aggregate Result

  • SOQL – For Loops
  • Relationships in Salesforce
  • The standard format of relationships queries in Salesforce
  • Sample Relationship Queries
  • Governing limits for SOQL
  • SOSL – Salesforce Object Search Language
  • Control flow statements

– >If – Else

– >1. Do while Loops

 – >2.For Loops

– >3.While Loops


Classes in CRM

– >Apex Class Definition

– >1.Class Variables

– >2.Class Methods

– >3.Class Constructor

– >Access Modifiers

– >Apex Properties

– >Extending Class

– >Static Variables, Methods

  • Sample Apex Classes in CRM
  • Difference between Apex classes and Java Classes
  • Objects in CRM
  • DML Operations


-> Insert

– >Update

– >Upset

– >Delete

– >DML governing limits

  • Save Point
  • Rollback operations
  • Working with workbench

-> SOQL Operations

-> DML Operations

  • Apex Triggers

– >Types of Triggers (Before & After)

– >Trigger Events

– >Trigger Context variables

– >Sample Triggers

-> Order of Execution

– >Trigger with helper Classes

– >Trigger Best Practices (Bulkify Triggers)

 Recursive trigger


->1. Invoking Batch Apex from Triggers

->2.Invoking Schedule Apex from Triggers

-> 3.Invoking Email’s from Triggers

-> 4.Invoking future Methods from Triggers

-> 5.Invoking Callouts from Triggers

-> 6.Invoking apex classes from Triggers

-> Write Test Classes for Triggers

  • Setup Objects
  • Non Setup Objects
  • Future Methods
  • Annotations
  • Custom Settings

-> List Settings

-> Hierarchical Settings

  • Custom Labels
  • Translation workbench
  • 1.Salesforce to Salesforce connection without Coding
  • 2.Salesforce to Excel without coding
  • 3.Salesforce to Informatica without Coding
  • 4.Salesforce to Facebook without Coding ( Authentication provider,
  • 5.Single Sing on)
  • Salesforce to OKTA (single sign-on)
  • Apex-based Sharing rules
  • An apex-based auto approval process
  • Wrapper Class


  • Database operations – DML & SOQL


  • What is batch apex class
  • What are the methods available
  • Working with example
  • Calling one batch apex from another batch apex class
  • Dynamic SOQL Query in batch class
  • Real-time example
  • Governing Limits  Apex Scheduler
  • What is a visual force?
  • Introduction to Visualforce
  • Creating VF Pages in different ways in Salesforce by

->1. Using URL

->2. Using Developer Console

-> 3.Using Eclipse

->4. Using Standard Navigation

  • Binding the global data on VF page
  • Global Objects in VF page
  • Print data in VF page
  • Standard Input Components

Input Text

Input Field


Input Hidden



Input Checkbox

  • Standard Output Components

1.Output Text

2.Output Label

3.output field

  • Standard Other Components



Data table








Output link

Output panel








related list

 Standard Actions

Command button


  • Display salesforce single object detail page
  • Insert Salesforce single object
  • Display salesforce list of object records
  • Insert Salesforce list of object records


  • Standard Pagination for a list of records
  • Combined Visualforce with APEX Controllers Custom controllers
  • Display salesforce single object detail page using the custom controller
  • Insert Salesforce single object using custom controller Display
  • salesforce list of object records using a custom controller
  • Insert the Salesforce list of object records using a custom controller
  • Standard Pagination for the list of records using a custom controller
  • Extension controllers
  • Display salesforce single object detail page
  • Insert Salesforce single object
  • salesforce list of object records
  • Insert Salesforce list of object records
  • Pagination for a list of records using a standard set controller
  • Displaying error messages from controller classes and from
  • triggers
  • Overriding standard buttons and links
  • Inline VF pages creations
  • Static resources
  • JavaScript with Visualforce client validations using JavaScript
  • Events
  • JQuery with Visualforce Controller

-Include script

-JQuery plugin insertion

-JQuery examples

  • Actions in visual force controllers

Action function, Region, Status, and support


  • CSS Styles with Static resources


-external styles

– Include script

  • JavaScript Remote Action  Custom Pagination

Using Standardsetcontroller

Using Offset

  • Visualforce Wizard

Passing data from one VF page to another page

Saving records in final VF page

  • Parameters in VF controllers using a command button

Using the command line

Displaying related list for each parent records in page block table split options

sending to different pages

  • Rerendering the page
  • Rendered the page
  • Ajax in VF page Sforce connection

Querying data from VF page

DML operations directly from VF page without apex

  • HTML with Visualforce pages

Wrapper class

  • Simple wrapper class example

Test Classes

  • Introduction to test classes
  • test class for trigger
  • class for controllers
  • Test class for a batch apex
  • How to execute test classes
  • Test classes best practices
  • Email Services
  1. Inbound Email Service
  2. Creating Inbound Email Handlers
  3. Create Inbound Email Service
  4. Creating a lead based on inbound email
  5. Invoke a batch apex based on Inbound 2.

2.Outbound Email Services

Salesforce Web Services – Integrations

using API’s

     1.SOAP API

1.1. What is SOAP API?

1.2. Usage of SOAP API

1.3. When it is used

1.4. How to send the data from Salesforce to External system:

Explaining with real time example

1.5. How to retrieve the external data into Salesforce: Explaining

with real time example

        2.REST API

2.1. What is REST API?

2.2. Usage of REST API

2.3. When REST is used

2.4. How to send the data from Salesforce to External system:

Explaining with real time example

2.5. How to retrieve the external data into Salesforce: Explaining with

real time example

  • Code Optimization in Real-time Salesforce
  • Apex Best Practices
  • Governor limits overcome for SOQL in Salesforce
  • How to overcome governor limits for DML operations in controller class

Salesforce lightning demo by Mohan


Lightning Design System (SLDS):
App Platforms
Component Blueprints
Design Guidelines

Lightning Admin:
App Builder
Lightning Apps

Lightning Development:
Lightning Components
Lightning Apps
Lightning Aura Framework Components

Lightning Web Components


What is Salesforce Lightning?
Why we use Lightning instead of Classic?
How to switch from Classic view to Lightning view

App Launcher
How to launch Apps

Creating Tabs for Apps
Adding Tabs for Apps
Removing Tabs for Apps

Record detail page and related list( App Builder):
How to add components to the Edit Page
How to remove components to the Edit page
How to add Tabs in the panels

Create Apps:
How to create Lightning Apps
How to create and add utilities to the bottom panel
How to Assign Tabs to the Apps
How to Assign Profiles

Configuration Items:
Working to Objects , Fields and Records
Working with Page layouts and layout assignments
Working with Workflows
Working with ProcessBuilder
Working with validation rules and Formulas
How to create users, profiles, sharing settings


What is SLDS
When we use this SLDS(UI Frame work)
How to use SLDS in Applications or Components

How to setup SLDS with in Visualforce pages
How to use SLDS in Lightning

SLDS Utilities:
Text :
Sizing :
Media objects

Component BluePrints:
App Launcher
Button Groups and Button Icons
Checkbox Toggle
Models & Menu

Action Icons
Custom Icons
Doctype Icons
Standard Icons

Design Guildelines:
Consistency & Beauty


What is lightning component Framework
How to use Open Source Aura Framework
How to create My domain to work with lightning

Lightning Components:
Creating Lightning Components
Adding Lightning components to Home Page , Record detail Page and Tab Page
How to use Lightning App Builder

Lightning Aura Framework Components:
– Button
– ButtonGroup
– BuuttonMenu

– Button Icon

Input Types [Different Type of Input]
– Input Name
– InputAddress
– InputName
– InputRichText
– InputImageButton

Lightning Attribute Types:
Basic Types
Function Type
Object Types
Standard and Custom Object Types
Collection Types

Lightning Components with Apex Controller:

Lighning Components with Salesforce Objects:

Different Lightning Events:

Component Events
Application Events

Component Communication with Relation (Component Events):
Communication between parent lightning component to child lightning components
Communication between child lightning component to parent lightning component

Component Communication without Relation (Application Events):
Communication between different lightning components
Where each component does not have any relationship with other components

Javascript Methods:
$A namespace Usage and its method

$A Methods :


Dynamic Component Creation:

Lightning interfaces:

Change handler:

Error Handling:

    • Recoverable Error handling
    • Unrecoverable Error handling

Standard Tokens
Custom Tokens

Lightningn Interface:

Lightning Components with in Visualforce Pages:

Lightning Experience and Standard alone Apps:

Utility bar:


CSS file in lightning components:

Lightning Path:

Calling Custom Labels & Metadata components in Lightning:

salesforce mohan lightning course content

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