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This is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose interpreted, object-oriented, and high-level programming language. Python has been one of the premier, flexible as well as powerful open-source language that is easy to learn, easy to use, and has powerful libraries for data manipulation and analysis. Accordingly, VLR technologies provide python online training by industry real time experts who have 6+ yrs of experience

Python online training Course Pre-requisites

Anybody with a basic Knowledge understanding of programming concepts can easily pick up Python Programming. Even people with  no previous programming background can learn Python and launch their programming career with Python

Python Training Course Details

Course Duration

45 Days


7.30 am (IST)

Mode of Training


Why should you take Python Training?

  • Average salaries for Python professionals are about $103,492 PA.
  • Python is a highly popular object-oriented language which is simple to learn and easy to deploy as well. Python can easily run on various systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Every year 20% growth on python based jobs across the industry
  • Python is complete with Language Interoperability and documentation system with hierarchical module system to boost revenues.

General Objectives of the Course

  • To comprehend the concepts and constructs of Python
  • To create  your own Python programs, know the machine learning algorithms in Python and work on a real-time project running on Python

Who should do the course

  • Computer Science Students
  • Those who are showing interest to build their career in Python 
  • Networking professionals engineers
  • Big data professionals 
  • Testing Engineers 
  • Developers 
  • JAVA programmers 
  • Fresher’s

Career Opportunities in Python

Especially Python developers are some of the most required after programmers in the industry. because Flexibility the programming language provides offer an extensive range of opportunities in industries offering data analytics, web development, business application development IT consulting services etc. Training programs on Python by VLR Technologies focuses on providing the students with the latest concepts and industry relevant topics. Our well-experienced export trainer and well-planned course materials ensure for 100% success in interviews.

Key advantages of Python Language

  • Support for multiple programming paradigms. 
  • Large and ever-growing user community network. 
  • Simple and readable syntax similar to English. 
  • Availability of a large collection of the re-build library function, reducing development time.

Reasons To Learn Python

  • Python is used in data science 
  • Python In web development 
  • Python is portable and extensible 
  • Python used with big data 
  • Computer graphic In python 
  • Python scripting and automation 
  • Python used in artificial intelligence 
  • Python is simple & easy to learn 
  • Python supports testing

Python online training course highlights

  • Finally trainer support after completion of the course. 
  • Course is curated by real time industry experts. 
  • Real-time examples. 
  • Trainers with 15+ years of experience. 
  • Exercise and handouts after every session.

Python Online Training Course Content

  • Introduction to Script / Interpreted languages 
  • Introduction to Programming / Compiled languages 
  • Introduction to Python 
  • Different Modes in Python Exception 
  • Text editors
  • Code editors
  • IDEs
  • Variables and Datatypes 
  • Strings 
  • Integer, float, double etc… 
  • Boolean 
  • Date and Time 
  • Arrays 
  • Collections 
  • Lists 
  • Tuple 
  • Sets 
  • Dictionary
  • 4.1 Assignment operators 
  • 4.2 Arithmetic operators
  •  4.3 Logical operators
  •  4.4 Bitwise operators
  • 1 If… 
  • If… Else… 
  • Nested If 
  • Loops
  • For loop
  • Do loop 
  • While loop
  • String Operations / Functions
  • Custom Functions Home Assignment 
  • Advanced Python 
  • Dunder /Magic methods 
  • Python Modules / Packages
  • File Handling 
  • Regular Expressions
  • Exception Handling Mini Project – 1 
  • OOPs 
  • Class and Objects 
  • Inheritance 
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation 
  • Abstraction
  • Interfacing
  • Method override
  • Method overload
  • XML 
  • JSON
  • Data Base Communication 
  • Multi-Threading 
  • Web Scrapping. 
  • Unit Testing 
  • PyUnit
  • Selenium with python introduction
  • GUI Programming introduction Mini Project
  • Web Frameworks
  •  Flask 
  • Django Main Project 
  • Above all the course content curated by industry real time faculty who are working in top MNC companies. 

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