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About ITGC SOX training

ITGC stands for Information Technology General Controls. These are a set of controls that are designed to ensure the proper functioning and security of information technology (IT) systems in an organization. The primary objective of ITGC is to ensure that IT systems are reliable, secure, and provide accurate information.

ITGC covers a broad range of controls that are applicable to various aspects of an organization’s IT systems, such as access controls, change management controls, backup and recovery controls, network controls, and physical security controls. These controls are implemented to ensure that IT systems operate effectively and efficiently, and to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

ITGC is a critical component of an organization’s internal control environment, particularly for companies that rely heavily on IT systems to support their business operations. ITGC helps organizations to identify and mitigate risks associated with IT systems, enhance the reliability of financial reporting, and meet regulatory requirements.

ITGC is typically audited by internal auditors, external auditors, or regulatory bodies to ensure that the controls are in place and operating effectively. Regular ITGC audits can help organizations identify weaknesses in their IT systems and implement corrective measures to improve the overall security and reliability of their IT infrastructure.

ITGC SOX training Online Training Course Details

Course Duration

45 Days


Online training

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Prerequisites for ITGC SOX training in hyderabad

There are no specific prerequisites for ITGC SOX training, as the training is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Information Technology General Controls (ITGC) requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). However, participants may benefit from having a basic understanding of IT systems, processes, and terminology.

In general, ITGC SOX training is recommended for employees with access to financial reporting systems, IT staff responsible for maintaining IT systems, and senior management who are responsible for overseeing the organization’s internal control environment.

Additionally, it is important to note that the content and level of ITGC SOX training may vary depending on the organization’s size, industry, and complexity of IT systems. Some organizations may require more extensive training or specialized training tailored to their specific needs.

Before conducting ITGC SOX training, it is important to assess the training needs of employees and stakeholders to ensure that the training content and delivery method is appropriate for the intended audience. This may involve conducting a training needs analysis to identify knowledge gaps and tailor the training content and delivery to address those gaps.

In summary, while there are no specific prerequisites for ITGC SOX training, having a basic understanding of IT systems and processes may be beneficial. The training is recommended for employees with access to financial reporting systems, IT staff, and senior management, and should be tailored to the organization’s specific needs and audience.

ITGC SOX training course content

  • Explaining about Audit,Types of Audit, why we are going to perform and reuired? With one example(Taking any one company).
    SOX Introduction bbb Why SOX Law came and example. Basic Things about Audit
  • Why SOX Law came and example. Basic Things about Audit
  • What is ITGC?, Howit came and how we are implementing in systems. How many controls are there
  • 1 week to complete all control
  • 4 phases explanation
  • Explanation
  • Explanation with one example
  • Explanation with one example
  • Control Example
  • Brief Explanation
  • Real time applying control

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