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Blue Prism online Training in Hyderabad

VLR Training provides BluePrism online training and Classroom anywhere. VLR training provides Blue prism online training with real time scenarios and best practice sessions. Our RPA training is handled by working professionals with real-time experience. Mostly the classes will be conducted in the morning and evening timings which is very easy for you to attend at your free time.

What Is Blue Prism?

BluePrism is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework. It automates any application and supports any platform (mainframe, Windows, WPF, Java, web, etc.) presented in a variety of ways (terminal emulator, thick client, thin client, web browser, Citrix and web services). It has been designed for a multi-environment deployment model (development, test, staging, and production) with both physical and logical access controls. Blue Prism RPA software includes a centralized release management interface and process change distribution model providing high levels of visibility and control. Additional control is provided to the business via a centralized model for process development and re-use.

Blue Prism Online Training Course Details

Course Duration

30 Days


8 to 9 am (IST) (may vary)

Mode of Training


Prerequisites for Blue Prism Training

Everyone with basic programming knowledge can take up this course.

  • Fresher graduates
  • Working professionals
  • Business intelligence professionals

Who wants to start a career in Robotic Process Automation can join and take up this path. 

Blue Prism Course Content

  •     Introduction to RPA & RDA
  •     RPA in BPM Concept
  •     BPM Vs RPA with an example
  •     Different RPA Tools & Comparison
  •     Use Cases of Automation
  •     Blue Prism Tool Introduction
  •     The lifecycle of Automation Project, Roles & Responsibilities
  •     Design
  •     Draw flowchart and diagrams
  •     Inputs and Outputs
  •     SDD, PDI, ODI
  •   Running a Process
  •   Basic Skills
  •   Process Validation
  •    Calculation Stage
  •     Data Items
  •     Circular Paths
  •     Set Next Stage
  •     Breakpoints
  •     Collections & Loops
  •     Pages for Organisation
  •     Input Parameters
  •     Stepping and Pages
  •     Data Item Visibility
  •     Data Types
  •     Output Parameters
  •     Start-Up Parameters
  •     Control Room
  •     Process Outputs
  •     Creating Business Objects
  •     Application Modeller
  •     Spying Elements
  •     Attributes
  •     Attribute Selection
  •     Launch
  •     Wait
  •     Timeouts
  •     Terminate
  •     Write
  •     Press
  •     Attach & Detach
  •     Read
  •     Actions
  •     Action Inputs & Outputs
  •     Data Item as Inputs

   Recover & Resume

  •     Preserving the current exceptions
  •     Exception Bubbling
  •     Exception blocks
  •     Work Queues
  •     Queue Items
  •     Work Queue Configuration
  •     Collection Actions
  •     Choice Stage
  •     Logging
  •     Log Viewer
  •     System Manager
  •     Process Grouping
  •     Export & Import
  •  Package creation
  •  A release of Process/Objects/Packages
  • Data Item Initialization
  • Data Item Exposer (Environment Variables)
  •  Casting
  •  Code Stage
  •   Attribute Match Types
  •     Dynamic Attributes
  •     Active Accessibility
  •     Global Clicks & Keys
  • Credentials
  • Surface Automation
  •     Web Service based application
  •     Certification Accreditation preparation
  •     Match Index & Match Reverse

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