Azure DevOps Online Training Hyderabad

DevOps and Azure DevOps
DevOps Practices and Methodologies
Continuous Integration

Continuous Deployment
Source Control Management
Code Testing
Distributed Builds

Introduction to Azure DevOps
What is Azure DevOps?
DevOps Services and DevOps Server
Azure Pipelines as Code
Azure Repos and GitHub Integration
Agile Tools in Azure DevOps
Building Deployments
Build and Pipeline Steps
CI/CD Pipelines in Azure
Types of Pipelines
Create a Pipeline from the CLI
Pipeline Templates
Stages and Tasks
From Build to Release

Azure DevOps
CI Server
Pipeline Agents
Agent Pools
Self-Hosted Agents

Hands-On Lab: Building Apps Using Self-Hosted Build Agents in Azure Pipelines

Deployment Detail
Build and Release Variables
Variable Groups
Service Connections
Types of Deployments
Deploy to Azure Web App
Deploy to Azure Function
Deploy to Azure Web App for Containers
Build Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform
Code Project Management
Team Tools
Creating a Board and Adding a Team
Define a Sprint and Set Tasks
Establishing Git Flow
Track Build History
Add a Build Badge to Repo

Hands-On Lab: Tracking Changes from GitHub in Azure Boards

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