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We providing comprehensive AWS training Hyderabad by trade specialists. the complete AWS course is in line with the Amazon web Services Certified Solutions designer test. you’ll implement AWS best practices during this coaching. The course begins with an outline of this platform is before diving into its individual elements: IAM, VPC, EC2, EBS, ELB, CDN, S3, EIP, KMS, Route 53, RDS, Glacier, Snowball, Cloudfront, Dynamo DB, Redshift, automobile Scaling, Cloudwatch, Elastic Cache, CloudTrail, and Security.

Even if you have no prior bits of knowledge of programming or never logged into Amazon Web Services platform. you will learn all about this topic and various other important aspects of AWS and pass the CSA exam successfully.

AWS Online Training Course Details

Course Duration

45 Days


7.30 am (IST)

Mode of Training


Who Can do this Course AWS Online Training Course?

 AWS Training Classes starts On Every Month 15th and 30th

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AWS Online Training Course Details

  • Existing Solutions Architects
  • Programmers Interested in Deploying Applications on AWS
  • Absolute Beginners. No prior AWS experience necessary
  • People interested in hosting highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications (such as WordPress and Joomla) on the AWS cloud.

WHAT Are The AWS Online Training Course Objective?

AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) training is designed effectively for the learner to

  • Demonstrate good knowledge of how to architect, deploy scalable, robust applications, and fault tolerant systems on AWS
  • Understand AWS services including compute, databases, infrastructure management, application development
  • Understand the usage of AWS architectural best practices
  • Explore Route53, RDS, RedShift, DynamoDB, S3, EC2, Cloud Front, Autoscaling, Load Balancing, EMR, VPC etc.
  • Efficiently handle Ingress and Egress data to and from AWS
  • Efficient design and also deployment of the system
  • Elastic Load Balancing on multiple EC2 instances
  • Cost evaluation and also cost control mechanisms
  • In Conclusion Objective of this course is to provide 90% of practical knowledge all about AWS services.

Prerequisites for AWS Training

  • Programmers.
  • DevOps Professionals.
  • Cloud Software Engineers.
  • System Administrators and Network Administrators.
  • Basic networking concepts advisable but not required.
  • Graduates and professionals looking to upgrade their skills in the cloud computing domain.
  • Professionals interested in hosting highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications on the Amazpn web services cloud

Why This AWS Training Certification?

AWS is the most important pack in terms of Cloud computing. Because they have been serving well in almost every aspect so whether you are a web developer, database or system admin, Big data analyst, IoT developer etc.

  • AWS has over 1 million customers from 190 countries – Amazon.com
  • An AWS Certified Solutions Architect can earn $125,000 – indeed.com
  • AWS is Quickly Becoming the Gold Standard of the Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services Certifications Are Feasible and Within Reach
  • AWS Skills Are in High Demand and Pay Top Money

How Will AWS Certification Facilitate Your Career?

  • Amazon Web Services (CSA) certification training is rated as the most valued IT Certification – Global Knowledge Study
  • In the latest Magic Quadrant report released by Gartner, AWS maintained its position as the king of cloud Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers
  • Amazon occupies 33 percent of the cloud computing market,  is the biggest competitors in providing IaaS services
  • Individuals with AWS certification which is most important also can get access to the LinkedIn Community of AWS Certified professionals

Once You Have Completed This AWS Training Course

  • You will be able to design the most important cloud architecture and give solutions to the companies who are planning to move their physical infrastructure to the cloud.
  • So, You will be able to crack the AWS certification with ease.
  • You will get an additional weight to your resume in this competitive IT world.

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  • AWS Training in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Noida

AWS Course Content

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Why Cloud Computing?
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Software as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Security
  • Costing Model
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Cloud Interoperability Issue
  • What to migrate?
  • Legal and compliance
  • What is virtualization?
  • Virtualization and cloud computing
  • Types of virtualization
  • Virtualization terminologies
  • Hypervisor
  • Benefits
  • Vendors

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Elastic computing
  • Introduction to the AWS products
  • Regions and Availability Zones
  • Signing up for AWS
  • AWS Free usage tier
  • Introduction AWS management console
  • Understanding AMI
  • Launching your first AWS instance
  • On-demand Instance pricing
  • Reserved Instance pricing
  • Spot instance pricing
  • Setting up security
  • Security groups
  • Choosing the AMI
  • Creating a new AMI
  • IP Addressing Scheme
  • Public and Private IP’s
  • Deploying a new instance from the created AMI
  • AMI Migration
  • Key Pairs
  • Elastic IP’s
  • Introduction to ELB
  • Basic ELB concepts
  • Internet-facing ELB
  • VPC-facing ELB
  • Create an ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)
  • Adding and removing instances on ELB
  • Create EBS volumes
  • Delete EBS Volumes
  • Attach and detach EBS volumes
  • Mounting and un-mounting EBS volume
  • Creating and deleting snapshots
  • Creating volumes from snapshots
  • Cloudwatch dashboard
  • Configuring Monitoring services
  • Setting thresholds
  • Configuring actions
  • Creating a cloud watch alarm
  • Getting statistics for EC2 instances
  • Monitoring other AWS services
  • Configuring Notifications
  • Integrating cloud watch with Autoscaling
  • what is SNS?
  • Creating a topic
  • Create subscription
  • Subscribed to the subscription (SQS,Email,Email-Jsom,SMS,HTTP,HTPPS,Application)
Accordion Content
Accordion Content
  • Horizontal vs. vertical scaling
  • Bootstrapping
  • Creating a launch configuration
  • Creating an Auto Scaling group
  • Create a policy for your Auto Scaling group
  • set up an auto-scaled, load-balanced Amazon EC2 application
  • Creating Users and Groups
  • Applying policies
  • Password Policy
  • Roles
  • Command line management.
  • Creating an environment
  • Application versioning
  • Deploying a sample app
  • What is S3?
  • RRS (Reduced Redundancy storage)
  • Durability and redundancy
  • Buckets
  • Uploading Downloading
  • Permissions
  • Object Versioning
  • Lifecycle Policies

Elastic File System

  • Creating Zones
  • Hosting a website
  • Understanding routing policies
  • Weighted simple and failover policies
  • Selecting the Database type
  • Configuring the database
  • Creating a database
  • Configuring backups
  • Configuring the maintenance windows
  • Connecting to the database.
  • What is cloud formation?
  • Deploying template
  • Create Stack
  • Delete Stack
  • Provisioning application resources with CloudFormation
  • Use of CloudFront
  • Creating a CloudFront distribution
  • Hosting a website of CloudFront distribution
  • Implementing restrictions
  • Configuring origins and behaviors
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • What is VPC?
  • VPC configuration
  • VPC security
  • Elastic IP’s
  • Inbound and outbound ACL’s
  • Creating a Dynamodb
  • Configuring alarms
  • Adding data manually
  • Creating and managing two-tier application (WEB and DB) on AWS.
  • Creating and managing three-tier application (APP, WEB, and DB) on AWS.
  • Migrating On-Premise application to AWS Cloud.
  • Best practices for AWS
  • Cost control strategies
  • Overview of AWS certification
  • EC2 instances
  • Troubleshooting using CloudWatch
  • Troubleshooting using ELB
  • Using CloudTrail
  • Cost Optimization
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Fault Tolerance

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