Designed for the means individuals work, the Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) suite allows you to embrace modification by providing personnel and operational insights. … it’s the sole international enterprise application that unifies human resources, benefits, talent management, payroll, time and group action yet as an achievement. Workday HCM online Training Hyderabad offers by VLR Training by real-time Experts with live scenarios.

What is Workday?

Workday coming up with, a budgeting, planning and forecasting tool, because helps to unify HR and finance analytics and planning, according to the vendor.

Workday HCM online Training Course Details

Course Duration

60 Days


7:30 AM IST

Mode of Training


WORKDAY HCM Online Training Course Objective

Understand the fundamentals of the Workday Understanding of Document design specifications. Learn about the language and functionalities of the workday suite. Configure the application to meet all identified requirements. Learn about various staffing models.

Who can do this Workday HCM online Training?

  • Fresher’s
  • It experts
  • Hr professionals
  • Talent management professional
  • Students

What area unit the roles and responsibilities of a Workday Resource?

  • Developer
  • Admin
  • Architect

Workday Training Course Content

  • Overview Objectives Core Concepts Business Object Basic Navigation Additional Navigation Topics
  •  Tenant Setup Language and Terminology Considerations Actionable Reports Activity
  • Search and Navigation Review and  Knowledge Check of chapter 1
  • Overview Objectives Supervisory Organizations Reorganization Activity
  • Create a Location and a Supervisory Organization Managing Supervisory Organizations
  • Create Subordinate Supervisory Organizations
  • Dividing a Supervisory Organization 
  • Assign Superior Organization Additional Organization Types and Organization Hierarchies Activity 
  • Create a Company Organization Organization Hierarchies Activity 
  • Create a Cost Center And Cost Center Hierarchy Location Hierarchies Activity 
  • Add Location to Location Hierarchy Organization Assignments on Supervisory Organization Activity 
  • Organization Assignments Organization Reports Review and  Knowledge Check of chapter 2
  • Overview Objectives Staffing Models Hiring Restrictions Differentiating Staffing Models Activity
  • Select a Staffing Model Review and  Knowledge Check of chapter 3
  • Overview Objectives Job Profiles Differentiating Job Profiles, Job Families, and Job Family Groups Activity
  • Creating a Job Profile Creating Positions and Jobs
  • Create Positions
  • Set Hiring Restrictions on Job Management Organizations 
  • Approve New Positions and Hiring restrictions 
  • Assign Position to Assignable Roles Managing Filled and Unfilled Positions and Jobs
  • Review and  Knowledge Check of chapter
  • Overview Objectives Compensation Overview and Eligibility Rules Activity
  • Create Compensation Rules Compensation Eligibility Reports Compensation Grades Activity
  • Create Compensation Grade and Assign to Job Profiles Compensation Plans and package 
  • Create Compensation Plans and Compensation Package 
  • Compensation Rule Assignment Compensation Events
  • Total Compensation Report Compensation Reports
  • Review and  Knowledge Check of chapter 5
  • Overview Objectives Hiring and Supervisory Organizations Process Overview Hire Process Activity 
  • Hire into Wealth of Knowledge Review and  Knowledge Check of chapter 6
  • Overview Objectives Configurable Security Security Groups Activity 
  • Security Group Assignments Functional Areas, Securable Items, and Security Policies Activity 
  • Navigate Functional Areas and View Security for Securable Item Security Reports 
  • Modify Domain Security Policy (Optional) 
  • Modify Business Process Security Policy (Optional) 
  • Hire into Learning & Development Review and Knowledge Check of chapter 7
  • Overview Objectives
  • Contracting Contingent Workers Activity
  • Contract a Contingent Worker Activity
  • Convert a Contingent Worker Staffing Movement Switch Primary Job Activity
  • Change Job Staffing Reports Termination Activity Termination Job Overlap Activity
  • Job Overlap Review and knowledge check of chapter 9
  • Overview Objectives Finding an Event Task Reassignment and Request Reassignment Request Delegation Change Activity
  • Request Delegation Cancel and Rescind Business Process Activity 
  • Rescind an Event Correct Business Process Activity
  • Correct a Hire Event Changes to Supervisory Organizations Activity
  • Move Workers and Inactivate a Supervisory Organization
  • Review and Knowledge Check of chapter 10
  • Overview Objectives Workday Accounts Employee Self Service Onboarding Manager Self Service Activity
  • Employee and Manager Self Service Review and Knowledge Check of Chapter
  • Overview Inbox Analytics Mobile Notifications Directory Search and View Team Setup Workday Mobile Solutions Features
  • Overview Objectives Report Writer Activity
  • Copy Standard Report to Custom
  • Contextual Reporting Tools Worker Trending Reports Custom Fields Activity
  • Create and Edit a Custom Object (Optional) Review and knowledge check of  chapter 13
  • Objectives Workday Web Services API Workday Integration
  •  Tools Integration Cloud Platform Custom Integrations 
  • User Built Integrations High Volume Events Demonstration
  • High Volume Event — Hire Review and Knowledge Check of chapter 14
  • Overview Objectives Workday Community Documentation Adoption Kit Training Catalog Learning Management System
  • chapter Review
  • Review Questions Day One, Two and Three HCM Fundamentals: Day 4 Lab Part One and two Appendix Touchpoints Deployment Overview Workday Deployment Methodology Workday Streamlined Notes
  • Running Standard Reports Terminology & Concepts Business Objects, Data Sources, Report Fields Creating Custom Reports (Report Type: Simple) Field types Editing Custom Reports Sorts & Filters Advanced Report type Prompts & Advanced Filtering Fields from RBOs Subsorts & SubFiltering Contextual Reporting Totaling, Outlining & Grouping Report Data Report Security – Sharing Locating reports Scheduling Reports Report Management & Other Configuration Features Matrix reporting
  • Why Calculated Fields?
  •  Calculated Field Functions & Activities Overview of Calculated Fields
  • Band
  • Difference 
  • Count    
  • Currency      
  • Value    
  • Workshops             
  • Up Lookup Translated Value Workshops                                                                                                                                                                                            
  •  Lookup Value as of Date Date Increment/Decrements
  • Concatenate Text
  • Related Instances True/False Condition 
  • Convert Text to Number  
  •  Lookup Organizational Roles Evaluate Expression
  • Extract Multi-Instance
  • Format Date
  • Sub string Text 
  • Build Date
  • Arithmetic Calculation 
  •  Format Number
  • Aggregate Related Instances Text Constants (Global CFS)    
  • Extract Single Instance 
  • Lookup Hierarchy Workshops
  • Lookup Range
  • Prompt for Value Date
  • Text Length
  • Sum Related Instances Convert
  •  Lookup Related
  • Lookup Organization
  • Lookup Hierarchy Roll


  • Integration Architecture Overview 
  • Integration Cloud Connect. 
  • Integration System templates. 
  • Core Connector: Worker. 
  • Integration Services in Core connector. 
  • Change Detection Procedure in Core Connectors. 
  • Document Transformation Integration XSLT Formatting using XTT and ETV. 8. Integration Business Process.
  • EIB Overview
  • EIB Design Pattern
  • EIB Limitations.
  • Workday Public Web services overview.
  • Workday Reports-as-a-Service 6. Developing an Inbound EIB
  • Developing an Outbound EIB. 
  • Custom Report Transformation. 
  • EIB Features. Loading Customer Transnational Data into Workday using EIB’s.

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